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Strawberry and almond milk oats

"This is a great summer make-ahead breakfast, since you can prep it the night before and grab it and go in the morning" - chef Chris Baber

  • 5.0 Star
  • Timer Prep 10 min
  • Chef hat Easy


Toast the flaked almonds.


  1. 1 Dice half the strawberries and combine with the almond milk, almond butter, honey and oats. To make this dish vegan, the honey can be substituted for maple syrup.
  2. 2 Set aside in the fridge, ideally overnight (it will be ready in a few hours, though).
  3. 3 When you're ready to serve, stir well and add a little more milk if it feels too dry.
  4. 4 Slice the remaining strawberries and serve in bowls topped with berries, flaked almonds and a little extra almond butter.

2 Reviews

  • Clare

    Very delicious and healthy

  • Louisa

    Tastes good and easy to prep. Would be useful to know the nutritional values.