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Spiced apple and peach pie

  • Timer Prep 80 min
    Cook 44 min
  • Chart 475.0 cal/
  • Chef hat Medium


Sieve the plain flour. Cube the butter. Peel, core and thickly slice the Cox apples. Drain the tinned peach slices and reserve the juice.

For the Sweet Shortcrust Pastry

For the Filling

And the rest...

  1. 1 To make the pastry, in a large bowl add half of the mixed spice to the flour and rub the butter in using the tips of your fingers until it resembles fine breadcrumbs.
  2. 2 Sieve in the icing sugar, stir to combine, then add the egg yolk and sprinkle over the water.
  3. 3 Bring the mixture together with your hands, kneading a couple of times to form a soft dough.
  4. 4 Wrap in cling-film and put in the fridge to rest for 30 minutes.
  5. 5 Cut off 70g pastry per individual pie being made and chill in the fridge.
  6. 6 Roll out the remaining pastry to line one 35cm x 12cm rectangular loose-bottomed tart tin per pie being made.
  7. 7 Prick the base with a fork and chill for 20 minutes.
  8. 8 Heat the oven to 190°C/ 375°F/gas 5 (170°C for fan ovens).
  9. 9 Meanwhile, to make the filling put the apples, sugar, 2 tbsp peach juice per pie being made, flour and remaining mixed spice in a saucepan. Cook over a medium heat for 4 minutes, stirring, to dissolve the sugar and soften the apples slightly; leave to cool.
  10. 10 Add the peach slices, then pile into the pastry-lined tin. (If you are making more than one pie, divide the mixture equally between each tin.)
  11. 11 Grate the reserved pastry over the top and bake for 40 minutes until the pastry is golden.
  12. 12 Serve immediately with ice cream.
  • Average per serving
  • Calories 475.0kCal
  • Fat24.0g
  • Saturated15.1g
  • Salt0.43g
  • Carbohydrates
  • Sugarg
  • Proteing
  • Fibreg