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Snakey sandwiches

This is a really versatile idea, so use it as a blueprint and vary the fillings and the size to suit your child. It’s an amazing way to serve little party sandwiches, and can even span a whole buffet table. The round snake body needs to be about the same size as the cucumber so it’s important to choose a chubby cucumber when shopping, otherwise the sandwiches themselves will have to be tiny! Serves 3-4 at tea time with 4-3 sandwiches each (will feed more if at a party with other party food)

  • 4.75 Star
  • Timer Prep 15 min
  • Chart 130.0 cal/
  • Chef hat Medium


  1. 1 Slice 6cm from one end of the cucumber. Cut a sliver from the remaining cucumber into a forked snake-tongue shape. Slice 3cm off the other end of the cucumber to form the tail.
  2. 2 Butter the bread slices on one side. Using scissors or a 4cm biscuit cutter, cut circles of roughly the same diameter as the cucumber from the buttered bread, ham and cheese.
  3. 3 You should be able to get four circles from each slice of bread and a very snug three circles from each slice of ham/cheese (use the scraps in a pasta supper).
  4. 4 Now make individual sandwiches of a cheese round, a cucumber slice and a ham round, between two buttered bread rounds of the same colour. Stack these horizontally on a platter, ‘snaking’ them around in a wave.
  5. 5 Sit the snake’s head and tongue at one end and the cucumber ‘tail’ at the other. Sit the green grapes in a row at the end of the tail to make a rattle and draw two mayonnaise eyes on the head.

4 Reviews

  • Charlie

    Fun to make with your child

  • Joan

    Made this for my grandson 1st birthday party a animal themed.. It was excellent and all the kids loved the snake hint keep fillings simple Ham and cheese can't go wrong

  • Euan


  • Rin

    I think it’s amazing

  • Average per serving
  • Calories 130.0kCal
  • Fat4.5g
  • Saturated1.8g
  • Salt1.1g
  • Carbohydrates13.0
  • Sugar2.0g
  • Protein8.5g
  • Fibre1.9g