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Slow-roast lamb

  • 5.0 Star
  • Timer Prep 30 min
    Cook 250 min
  • Chart 555.0 cal/
  • Chef hat Hard


If large, peel and half the shallots. Half crossways the whole garlic bulbs. Soften the butter. Zest and half the lemons. Finely chop the leaves of the rosemary. Finely chop the garlic cloves. Chop the anchovies.


  1. 1 Heat the oven to 160°C/140°C fan/gas 3.
  2. 2 To make the seasoning paste, put the lemon zest, rosemary, garlic cloves, anchovies and freshly ground black pepper in a bowl.
  3. 3 Use a fork to mash together into a chunky paste.
  4. 4 Stir in the oil and set aside.
  5. 5 Heat a roasting tin on the hob and brown the lamb for a couple of minutes on each side.
  6. 6 Remove the lamb from the tin and place on a board.
  7. 7 Cook the shallots in the roasting tin (add a little olive oil if necessary) for 5 minutes or until golden, stirring occasionally.
  8. 8 Remove and set aside.
  9. 9 Meanwhile, use a thin, sharp knife to make deep, angled incisions all over the lamb.
  10. 10 Push the seasoning paste into the cuts.
  11. 11 Return the lamb to the tin.
  12. 12 Add the shallots, garlic and lemon halves.
  13. 13 Pour the Madeira and 100ml water around the lamb.
  14. 14 Cover the roasting tin tightly with foil and roast for 3 hours.
  15. 15 Remove the foil and return to the oven for a further hour.
  16. 16 Meanwhile, mix the flour and butter to form a paste.
  17. 17 When the lamb is ready, transfer it to a carving board or platter, with the garlic, lemons and shallots, and loosely cover with foil.
  18. 18 Strain the juices from the roasting tin into a small saucepan and bring to the boil.
  19. 19 Whisk in the flour and butter paste, then simmer until the sauce is thickened and glossy.
  20. 20 Serve with the lamb.

2 Reviews

  • Angela

    Cooked this the day before so that I could remove any fat from the stock. The meat was tender and tasty. Definitely recommended.

  • Ray

    We actually cooked four legs using this recipe for a dinner party just doubled the ingredients It was fantastic highly recommended

  • Average per serving
  • Calories 555.0kCal
  • Fat40.2g
  • Saturated18.2g
  • Salt0.38g
  • Carbohydrates4.4
  • Sugar40.2g
  • Protein37.3g
  • Fibre1.4g