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Roast aubergine with lentils, blue cheese and green salad

  • 4.0 Star
  • Timer Prep 15 min
    Cook 40 min
  • Chart 418.0 cal/
  • Chef hat Medium


Crush the garlic cloves. Roughly chop the ripe plum tomatoes. Thinly slice the fennel bulbs. Juice (to taste) the lemons.


  1. 1 With a small knife, score a 1cm border inside each aubergine half.
  2. 2 Scoop out the flesh with a teaspoon.
  3. 3 Roughly chop the flesh and set aside.
  4. 4 On a baking tray, drizzle the aubergine shells with the olive oil and season.
  5. 5 Roast in the oven for 20 mins or until just soft.
  6. 6 Meanwhile, in a bowl mix together the aubergine flesh with the garlic, tomatoes and grains.
  7. 7 Season, remembering that the cheese will add salt.
  8. 8 Fill the roasted shells with the aubergine filling and dot the cheese on top.
  9. 9 Roast in the oven for 6 – 8 mins, or until the cheese starts to melt.
  10. 10 Dress the watercress and fennel with a squeeze of lemon juice and cracked black pepper.
  11. 11 Serve with the aubergine.

1 Review

  • Neet

    Very tasty with a feta

  • Average per serving
  • Calories 418.0kCal
  • Fat13.9g
  • Saturated3.9g
  • Salt0.55g
  • Carbohydrates53.9
  • Sugar13.8g
  • Protein11.2g
  • Fibre15.9g