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Chilled tomato soup with chilli cubes

  • Timer Prep 60 min
  • Chart 112.0 cal/
  • Chef hat Medium


Halve the cherry tomatoes. Finely chop the red chillis. Finely chop the dried mixed herbs.

And the rest...

  1. 1 Heat the oven to 180°C/350°F/gas mark 4 (160°C for fan ovens).
  2. 2 Arrange the tomatoes, cut-side up, in a roasting tin. Tuck in the garlic and thyme, and sprinkle over the oil, vinegar, sugar and seasoning. Roast for 45 minutes, until tender.
  3. 3 Discard the thyme sprigs, then remove the garlic and squeeze the flesh from the skins. Put in a food processor with the tomatoes, stock and any pan juices, and whizz to a purée.
  4. 4 Rub the mixture through a sieve over a bowl. Cover, leave to cool, then chill for 4 hours.

For the Chilli Cubes

  1. 5 Mix together the chopped chilli and herbs, and spoon into 12 small or 8 large ice cube trays.
  2. 6 Top up with water and place in a freezer for 2-3 hours, until frozen.
  3. 7 To serve, ladle the chilled soup into 4 serving bowls, add 2 or 3 ice cubes to each bowl and drizzle with a little extra virgin olive oil.
  • Average per serving
  • Calories 112.0kCal
  • Fat3.8g
  • Saturated0.7g
  • Salt0.93g
  • Carbohydrates17.7
  • Sugar17.1g
  • Protein3.1g
  • Fibre5.2g