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10 minute Thai curry

  • 4.74 Star
  • Timer Prep 5 min
    Cook 5 min
  • Chart 305.0 cal/
  • Chef hat Medium


Dice the chicken breasts. Dice the onions. Finely slice and dice the fresh ginger. Finely slice and dice the garlic cloves. Finely slice the red chillis. Finely chop the fresh coriander. Squeezed the limes.


  1. 1 In a large based frying pan or a wok, sauté the onion for a few minutes until a little coloured. Do this on a high heat so it colours fast yet still retains some texture.
  2. 2 Now add the chilli, garlic and ginger, keep stirring this to prevent anything from catching. After 30 seconds, add the turmeric and garam masala
  3. 3 Now add the coconut milk, and the diced chicken. Stir this and allow to come up to a simmer, try not to let this boil
  4. 4 Once simmered, add the mango chutney, ketchup and soy sauce. Allow this to simmer for 3-4 minutes to gently poach the chicken. This does not take long as it carries a lot of residual heat.
  5. 5 Just before serving, chop the coriander last minute and add this in to the pan, squeeze in the juice of a lime, stir and serve with brown rice

69 Reviews

  • Audrey Linton

    Absolutely loved this curry and will definately be making it again!! I added cornflour at the end just to thicken it a little. Thanks M&S

  • Rachel

    Gorgeous and so easy.

  • Mrs Allam

    Yummy !!

  • Frances

    Husband eating it at the moment .... It's amazing he says!!! Def make again for a Saturday nite.

  • Miss S

    It's absolutely gorgeous thanks m&s

  • Paolo

    Tasty, quick, healthy!

  • Aswo82

    Unusual flavours for a Thai curry, tasted more like an Indian curry. Nevertheless it was tasty & easy to make

  • Helen

    A friend cooked this for me last night. It was absolutely lovely!!!!!

  • Els3

    Loved this recipe. Quick and easy but all very fresh!

  • Will

    This was a fantastic meal. So easy and delicious

  • Sue

    Very tasty for a quick curry. My taste buds are alive with the flavours

  • Kemp

    Sounds good, is good. Love this meal, quick and easy but still amazing, makes me look like I spent ages but I didn't!!

  • Lucy

    Fantastic recipe! Quick, easy and tasty.

  • Allymw

    A tasty easy curry, will definitely make this one again!

  • Sharon

    Lovely, Im sure this will become a favourite!

  • Pam Foley

    Lovely simple recipe that I will use loads.

  • Jane

    Lovely easy recipe,tasted like the Thai Curry we have at a local restaurant! Will definitely make it again.

  • Tammy

    Quick and easy to make and tastes amazing

  • Justine

    Tastes really good

  • Ellen


  • Lindi3662

    So so good. Loved it, so easy to do. Yum.

  • Pauline

    Great recipe for a quick lunch for friends today. Prep can be done in advance.

  • Ruth

    This was so easy to make and couldn't believe how quickly it took. Was just amazing!

  • Kirsty

    My first time making curry & it was effortless! Thanks M&S! It was delicious!

  • David Jeffreys

    Simply amazing. Take your time prep-ing the ingredients and the rest will fall together. Super tasty and sure to wow a crowd!

  • Flo

    Very easy to cook and tasted delightful :)

  • Tracy

    This is very easy to make and is delicious, will definitely be making it again!

  • Helen

    Love this curry recipe, very easy to make and tastes great.

  • Lorna

    Brilliant easy recipe

  • Amy Walker

    Made this tonight, Amazing! Took no time at all! Will be making this again!

  • Amanda

    Wow! Great one pot recipe - quick to prepare and cook. A fresh very tasty curry - my fussy family with two (sometimes) critical teenagers loved it! A new family favourite!

  • Charlotte

    This was delicious and nice and quick to make. I will definitely be making it again.

  • Luke

    This recipe is brilliant, very easy to make and comforting to eat considering the low calories

  • Tcook

    Tasty, quick and easy!

  • Abbie

    This is the best curry recipe I've tried ! Quick, easy and very tasty. I am having this again tonight :)

  • Cudster

    Phenomenal. Easy to make and the taste is incredible. Strongly recommend trying this.

  • Heather

    Wow! Absolutely gorgeous. We will be having this a lot. Serving for 2 was a little small for us but I'll just make more next time.

  • Wheels

    Spot on - will definitely make again

  • Trystan

    Delicious... I've lost count of how many times I've made this dish. However, it takes me about an hour from start to finish (maybe I'm not the fastest chef in the world!)

  • Mr Milkworth

    Really tasty, quick and easy recipe! Took me a little longer than ten minutes, but I good see how someone with better cutting skills could complete it in that time

  • Mark

    It did take me a little longer than 10 minutes but worth the wait, very tasty. I added green beans and noodles.

  • Bronagh

    DEFINITELY takes more than 10 minutes to make but so so worth it.....delicious, tastier and no doubt healthier than takeaway version.

  • Natalie

    Delicious and easy to cook (although more like 30 mins than 10). Would recommend and will have again definitely.

  • Madame Fitzgerald

    Fantastic recipe, easy to prepare and only 30 minutes in the kitchen in total when you add preparation time. I will be making this again.

  • Sarah

    Bang On! Really tasty and easy to do! Will definitely be doing this recipe again.

  • Ayze

    Also took a lot longer than 10 minutes and didn't look like the picture but once ready was so delicious!

  • Ali

    Just tried this today and it went really well. It's a quick easy option. I might add a little extra chilli next time though because we like a bit more kick. Absolutely delicious.

  • Wheels

    Weekly favourite in our house - so easy & tastes great!

  • Liz

    An absolute win in my house! Full of flavour and very easy to make. I poached the chicken in the sauce for a little longer than stated and it cooked really well.

  • Claire

    Really great, quick and easy to make. I used chicken thigh and poached for about half an hour; was really succulent and tasty. Will definitely make again!

  • Laura

    This really did take me ten minutes, BOOOOOMSHAKALAKA

  • Sam

    Delicious! I'll be making it again next week.

  • Sophia

    This is our fave! Perfect meal 👌🏽

  • Emma

    So tasty!! And quick. Not much more you can ask for in a recipe.

  • Dexbexnkt

    Can anyone help with this recipe??? Can it be frozen? Thankyou

  • Trying to Loose Weight!

    I was encouraged by the comments for what looked like a very odd set of ingredients ..but it is delicious! Had a slight panic at first when it looked split but venture on.

  • Kitty

    Love this dish! Easy to make and tastes lush! However I do find it quite watery :/

  • Imogen

    Love this dish really easy to cook but it is a little watery so added a little flour to thicken slightly.

  • Hayley

    Very yummy and easy to make, I added red pepper and mushrooms to mine!

  • Sophie

    Love love love this recipe! So easy to make, even for beginners like me! Really tasty and healthy too!

  • Katie

    Fantastic recipe! I added a red pepper and some green beans, and used Worcestershire sauce as I didn't have any soy sauce but it was delicious. Will definitely be making it again.

  • Sophie

    Lovely curry! Really easy but took me longer than 10mins with the preparation. Delicious flavour, made a noodle dish using the same ingredients, minus the coconut milk. Very tasty!

  • Mrs. Storey

    Is it Indian Curry or Thai Curry? As I noticed you put garam masala and also Chutney!

  • Cliffy

    First time in marking this dish, took me 30mins as I’m a little unorganised. Great tasting curry will definitely have it again.

  • Dee

    Really delicious

  • Mel

    A hit with the family! Very tasty and filling ;) Not at all Thai, more Indian or Malaysian. Definitely would make again.

  • Gabriella

    Very tasty! I didn’t have garam masala. Used star anise, nutmeg and cardamom seeds instead. Next time I will cook it using masala!

  • Nat

    A new family favourite of ours. Easy to make and tastes scrummy!

  • Jan

    Made this dish for myself and husband. We both enjoyed it very much. So easy to prepare and cook. Will definitely be making it again.

  • Average per serving
  • Calories 305.0kCal
  • Fat17.4g
  • Saturated9.4g
  • Salt1.04g
  • Carbohydrates
  • Sugar9.0g
  • Proteing
  • Fibreg