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Yogurt with puffed quinoa, pomegranate, pecans and apple

  • Timer Prep 5 min
    Cook 10 min
  • Chart 354.0 cal/
  • Chef hat Easy


Grate the large apples. Approx half a pomegranate the pomegranate seeds.


  1. 1 Pre-heat the oven to 180°C.
  2. 2 Roast the pecans in the oven for approximately five minutes until they become aromatic and leave aside to cool.
  3. 3 Puff the quinoa in a heavy-based pan or pot with a lid
  4. 4 Heat your pan over a medium heat
  5. 5 When hot, add the quinoa in single layer and cover
  6. 6 As the quinoa pops, shake the pan to ensure the cooking is even and it does not burn.
  7. 7 Continue cooking for a couple of minutes until you don’t hear any more popping
  8. 8 Leave to cool.
  9. 9 Divide the yoghurt between four breakfast bowls
  10. 10 Sprinkle over the puffed quinoa, pecans, pomegranate seeds, grated apple and a swirl of honey.