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Summer berry swirled lollies

  • 4.0 Star
  • Timer
    Cook 15 min
  • Chart 75.0 cal/
  • Chef hat Easy


  1. 1 Mash the blackberries on a plate with 2 teaspoons of the honey using a fork.
  2. 2 Do the same with the raspberries and another 2 teaspoons of the honey on a second plate.
  3. 3 Layer alternate spoonfuls of mashed fruits with the yoghurt in plastic shot glasses.
  4. 4 Add lolly sticks and freeze overnight. To serve, dip moulds briefly in warm water, then lift out of the moulds and serve.

6 Reviews

  • Freya

    The best kids in town

  • Anja

    OMG I love these! I'll keep on making theses lovely ice lollies!

  • Helen


  • Poop


  • Ella

    This is so easy to make my kids adore them the flavour are Mouthwatering and this treat is great if you have room in the freezer.

  • Laura

    Lollies was so easy to make . My kids loved making & eating them too .