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Smoked haddock and sweetcorn hash

  • 4.2 Star
  • Timer
    Cook 25 min
  • Chart 371.0 cal/
  • Chef hat Easy


Peel and cut the small Chopin potatoes. Slice the red onions. Chop the garlic cloves. Slice the spring onions. Chop the fresh coriander.


  1. 1 Heat the oven to 190°C/170°C fan/gas 5.
  2. 2 Boil the potatoes for 5 minutes, until just tender. Drain and set aside.
  3. 3 Cook the sweetcorn on a hot griddle pan for 3-5 minutes, turning often, until tender and charred, then strip the kernels from the cobs.
  4. 4 Put the smoked haddock in a shallow roasting tin and bake for 15-20 minutes, until the flesh is opaque and cooked through.
  5. 5 Meanwhile, heat the oil in a large non-stick pan, add the onion and garlic, and cook over a medium heat for 3 minutes, until softened.
  6. 6 Add the potatoes and paprika and cook for 5 minutes, stirring often, until golden.
  7. 7 Add the corn and spring onions and heat through.
  8. 8 Stir in the coriander and divide the mixture between four plates. Top each with a piece of smoked haddock and serve with lime wedges.

10 Reviews

  • Sarah

    Good little dish. Cooked my fish in foil to keep it more succulent. Would I make this dish again not sure.

  • Alice

    This is a great dish but I just used tinned sweet corn. it just needs a little sauce so adding soy sauce and a stock cube is a great idea. The fish won't be dry if you put tin foil over the top whilst cooking in the oven to keep in the moisture defiantly would make again.

  • vader


  • Nicole Sumpter

    Very tasty!!! - I added a dash of soy sauce and crumbled a stock cube into it and everyone really enjoyed it! Might even try it on my fish hating fiancé! Thanks M&S!

  • Stuart

    I'm sorry to differ from everyone else, I found the griddles corn long winded and unnecessary as it tasted just like tinned or frozen corn. The fish was dry, and I had to add loads more paprika and salt and pepper to give it flavour. Won't be making it again.

  • Emma

    This is a easy, quick comfort food I really loved it. I did use replacements for parts of the recipe which worked just as well; I used mackerel and frozen sweet corn. The dish goes really well with basmati rice and a squeeze of lime juice and shrimp powder give it an extra oomph.

  • Julie U

    Easy and tastes great!

  • HW

    Tasty, but needs sauce

  • rp

    absolutely delicious!

  • Toby Woodbridge

    Cooked this eve. Easy and excellent!