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Ginger and Banana Trifles

  • 4.0 Star
  • Timer Prep 15 min
  • Chart 360.0 cal/
  • Chef hat Easy


Crush the ginger snaps. Slice the bananas. Whip the double cream.


  1. 1 Divide the ginger snap biscuits among 250ml serving glasses.
  2. 2 Add a layer of banana, reserving 1 slice per serving for decoration.
  3. 3 Spoon over the custard, followed by the whipped cream.
  4. 4 Top each trifle with a banana slice to serve.

3 Reviews

  • Rose

    So easy to make, taste wonderful!

  • Frances

    Made to go with Sunday dinner .. Everyone loved them especially my brother who had two!!

  • Sabrina

    Total winner! No fuss and in less than 20 mins you have a yummy dessert that everyone will like. The flavours really work well the crunch of the ginger snaps with the creamy softness of the banana is taste bud heaven. I added a sprinkle of almonds on top which compliments it really well.